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SkyView Reports

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Non-Reconciled Terminating Access

The Non-Reconciled Terminating Access Report provides a monthly summarized view by trunk number of terminating minutes of use (MOU) that were not reconciled to billing records from either the switch or tandem service provider.   The reported non-reconciled MOU is for traffic that originated from LECs and RBOCs that should have been billed to an Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC).   The non-reconciled MOU are categorized by the following jurisdictions:

  • IntraState – IntraLata
  • IntraState – InterLata
  • InterState – IntraLata
  • InterState – InterLata
  • Toll Free 800 Service
  • International

Percent of Interstate Usage (PIU) Report

The Percent of Interstate Usage (PIU) Report provides a calculation, by IXC, of terminating interstate traffic that is terminated to a Central Office via a Tandem Service Provider Trunk.   The associated 1101 EMI Billing Records supplied by the Tandem Service Provider(s) often fail to distinguish between Intrastate and Interstate traffic (the 1101 EMI Jurisdiction flag is set to ‘Unknown’).  
To bill for Terminating IXC Traffic where the 1101 EMI Jurisdiction value is unknown LECs have had to rely on PIU factors supplied by the IXCs.   It has been very difficult, or in some cases impossible, to validate the IXC provided PIU factors. 
SkyView utilizes the reconciled SS7 and 1101 EMI call detail records to calculate individual PIU factors for each IXC.  The 1101 EMI record provides the Carrier Identification Code (CIC) of the IXC that terminated the call and the matching SkyView enhanced SS7 record contains the jurisdiction information.  By combining these two records, SkyView derives PIU factors that can be used to validate, or challenge, PIU factors supplied by the IXCs.

Phantom Wireless Report

The Phantom Wireless Report identifies Minutes of Use (MOU) to and from Wireless Carriers that have not been reconciled to billing records from the Central Office Switch or 1101 EMI records from a Tandem Service Provider.  The Phantom Wireless Report provides monthly aggregated totals by OCN number for originating and terminating non-billed traffic by the Major Trading Area (MTA). 

Purpose:  The Phantom Wireless Report can be used to:

  1. Validate the Originating and Terminating Ratio of existing Wireless Interconnect Agreements.  If the SkyView calculated Wireless Originating to Terminating Ratio is to the advantage of your company it may be advisable to renegotiate the Interconnect Agreement.
  2. Identify Wireless Carriers that your company does not have an Interconnect Agreement with which are terminating a high volume of traffic and have a Term Percent value greater than 50%.
  3. Group phantom traffic from Wireless Carriers based on the Parent Company.  Instead of negotiating individual interconnect agreements; your company may be able to negotiate a master agreement with the Parent Company which can be applied to all the Wireless Carriers they own.
  4. Identify possible occurrences of Wireless Carriers transporting traffic from locations outside of the Central Office’s Local Calling Area.  This is terminating traffic that should have been handed off from the Wireless Carrier to an IXC for termination to the Central Office.

SS7 Reconcile Reports

The SS7 Reconcile Reports provide daily and monthly aggregated totals of SS7 Call Detail Records (CDR) by office and trunk group.  The reports consist of the following three primary categories:

Non-Reconciled – SS7 CDRs that do not a corresponding billing record.  This type of CDRs can be either for calls that are non-billable (local) or for billable calls (Wireless, CLEC, Toll) where billing records do not exist.

EMI Reconciled – SS7 CDRs that have a corresponding billing record that was recorded by a Tandem Service Provider and sent to the Local Exchange Company as an 1101 EMI record.

AMA Reconciled – SS7 CDRs that have a corresponding billing record that was recorded by the Central Office switch as an AMA record.

The SS7 Reconcile Module gives you the ability to drill down from highly aggregated data all the way to individual CDRs:

    • Summary Report that displays totals for Non-Reconciled, AMA Reconciled, and EMI Reconciled calls
    • Detail Report that displays Originating and Terminating totals for Non-Reconciled, AMA Reconciled, and EMI Reconciled calls
    • Stacked Bar Chart displaying the daily reconciliation for a 30 day period
      • Percentage Bar Chart
      • Minutes of Use (MOU) Bar Chart
    • Jurisdictional Reports for Non-Reconciled, AMA Reconciled, and EMI Reconciled Calls that include hyperlinks to SS7 CDRs and associated billing records:
      • Originating & Terminating Jurisdiction Report
      • Originating Only Jurisdiction Report
      • Terminating Only Jurisdiction Report
      • MOU Line Graphs (Depicts Historical Trends)
        • Total Originating and Terminating
        • Originating by Jurisdiction
        • Terminating by Jurisdiction
      • Jurisdiction Pie Charts

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