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SS7 Probe Feasibility & Design Study

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Has your company experienced a decline in Terminating Access Revenue?

Do you suspect that Phantom Traffic is eating away at your Access Revenue?

Are you considering in stalling an SS7 Probe to monitor your traffic?

 If the answer to these questions is YES, we recommend a Feasibility and Design Study.

 A Verateq Feasibility and Design Study will:

  • Determine if the amount of loss revenue cost justifies the capital investment of installing a SS7 Probe
  • Identify the associated resources required to process and analyze the SS7 Data
    • Training
    • Personnel
    • Hardware and Software
    • Method and Procedures to reconcile SS7 CDRs against 1101 EMI Records
  • Evaluate the networking options of sharing a single probe between multiple offices
  • Comparison of SS7 Probe Manufactures based on:
    • Price
    • Performance
    • Functionality
    • Overall Best Fit for Your Environment
  • Implementation Design Plan

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