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SkyView ASP

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SkyView Transforms SS7 Data into Powerful Revenue Assurance Facts

ü Expands the SS7 CDRs to include CLLI Codes, Trunk Numbers, OCNs, and Jurisdictions

ü Links Billing Records to their corresponding SS7 CDR

ü Identifies which SS7 CDRs have not been billed

ü Combines SS7 and Billing Data to Calculate PIU Factors for all IXCs

ü Calculates Ratios for Interconnect Agreements with CLECs and Wireless

ü Categorizes Wireless Traffic by CMA and MTA

ü Produces Easy to Understand Reports

ü Is User Friendly

Most of VeraTeq’s customers have selected the SkyView ASP service which is hosted by VeraTeq in Kansas City, MO. Our computers are located in a secured underground facility that is staffed 7x24 with the following amenities:

  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
  • Battery Backup
  • Power Generators
  • Dual Cooling System

The SkyView ASP services include:

  • Required hardware, network, and software
  • Collection of SS7 CDRs
  • Collection of End Office and Tandem Billing Records
  • Updating the SkyView Trunk Inventory with SS7 Point Codes and Trunk Circuit Identification Codes supplied by the customer
  • Processing and Reconciliation of SS7 and Billing Data
  • Creation of Charts, Graphs, and Reports
  • Data Warehousing 100% of all SS7 and Billing CDRs for time period specified by the customer
  • Maintain the Aggregated Summary Records indefinitely
  • End User Customer Support

Availability: Immediate. The SkyView ASP platform can start processing the customer’s data as soon as the reference tables have been loaded.

SkyView Implementation

 Most of the work to implement the SkyView ASP Services will be performed by VeraTeq.   The customer is responsible for providing the following:

  1. A trunk inventory for each switch. If a current trunk inventory is not available, VeraTeq can create an inventory from the switch configuration reports. For an example an inventory for a Nortel DMS-100 switch can be derived from the following switch reports:   C7RTESET, C7TRKMEM, ISUPDEST, TRKNAME, and TRKSGRP.
  2. List of Rate Centers serviced by the customer's switches and associated Local Rate Centers.
  3. FTP connection to the SS7 Probe to pull the SS7 files up to the SkyView Server
  4. FTP connectivity to the server hosting the billing records. 

With receipt of the trunk inventory and rate center information VeraTeq can proceed with the following:

  • Initialize the SkyView Database
  • Load the Office and Trunk Inventory
  • Build the Local Area Calling reference table
  • Establish the SS7 and Billing data collection procedures
  • Certify the data load and reconciliation process
  • Provide End User Training
  • Monitor the daily receipt and processing of data

The SkyView ASP implementation can be completed within 30 days.

Other Services:

  • Custom Reports 
  • Revenue Assurance Administration
    • Review the monthly SkyView Reports
    • Propose Revenue Recovery Plans
    • Assist the CABS Manager in billing Phantom Traffic identified by SkyView
    • Assist in the review of existing and new Reciprocal Compensation Agreements
  • Negotiate Reciprocal Compensation Agreements

Migration from ASP to On-site

For customers that choose to implement SkyView on-site after initial subscribing to VeraTeq’s SkyView ASP services, migration can be performed seamlessly without a disruption in service or loss of data. After the on-site SkyView platform has been installed and certified both systems will continue to operate in parallel.   The detailed SS7 and billing records, along with the aggregated data, will be exported from the SkyView ASP server, shipped to the new location, and loaded into the on-site SkyView Server. When the customer has signed off on the on-site SkyView implementation and data migration, the data feeds to the SkyView ASP server will be turned down and the data removed from the server. 

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