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VeraTeq is a Missouri based LLC that was established in 2006 as software development and consulting company. During its initial year VeraTeq worked with a number of Local Exchange Companies (LEC) to develop a reliable software system that could match collected SS7 ISUP data to billing records supplied by both the LEC and other communication carriers. The resulting product was the SkyView Revenue Assurance System that is available as a standalone server installed in the LEC’s facility, or provided as an internet based application service (ASP).

SkyView had to accomplish several unique tasks; such as deriving the time variations between the SS7 records and billing records. It is common within the telecom industry for each telephone switch, SS7 probe, and other recording devices to maintain its own internal clock. As a result the timestamp on records from each device can vary from a few seconds to nearly an hour. It is a challenge to matching SS7 Call Detail Records (CDRs) from a single probe against billing records from multiple sources, each having a different time variance. VeraTeq not only developed an algorithm that fixed the problem, they created a solution that is fast. Other issues VeraTeq resolved:

  • Comparing SS7 call duration to billing records where the call duration has been rounded
  • Matching SS7 CDRs to billing records that are missing the From Telephone Number
  • Determining the MTA jurisdiction of wireless calls
  • Maintaining Reverence Tables
    • Automatically updating Trunk Inventory from switch data
    • Daily updating NPA-NXX-Block IDs to OCN Company Assignments
    • Daily updating the Local Calling Areas from the LERG
  • User friendly broowser interface
  • Easy access to SS7 and Billing call detail records

As a consulting company VeraTeq has performed Phantom Traffic and Revenue Assurance Studies for LECs and CLECs throughout the United States. The results of these studies have been the bases for negotiating new or revised Inter-Connect Agreements with wireless carriers. VeraTeq has been able to assist companies in the drafting agreements and facilitating negotiations.

VeraTeq provides software development, Oracle training, Remote Oracle DBA services, and system administration. Over the past five years VeraTeq has developed custom applications for network engineering, circuit inventory, and the dispatch of field technicians.

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